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Guided Tours

Let us show you the unique highlights of the gardens of the world!

Your journey of discovery will take you from Bali to England and China. Wandering between our traditional and contemporary gardens, you will experience the world's garden traditions up close in just 90 minutes and learn about the history of one of Berlin's most beautiful parks. Our charming guides will be happy to answer any questions you've always wanted to ask: When is 35 May? What is the tree of life called? Or: What is the traditional Chinese moon cake made of?

The guided tours take place regularly at weekends and on selected weekdays.

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Phone: +49 30 695 080 10
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Individual group tours

For experts - or for all who want to become experts

Are you looking for a group tour? A guided tour of the Gardens of the World with your friends, family, colleagues or school class is a very special experience.

We currently offer the following overview tours:

Small and Large World Tour - During the tour, you will be introduced to some of the theme gardens and gain an insight into the development of the Gärten der Welt. Cultural backgrounds are explained and related to the respective gardens. If there is a special interest in a particular garden, this can be arranged as a themed tour (see below).

We currently offer the following themed tours:

From dharma and karma - this themed tour takes you on a journey through our Asian gardens - right in the centre of Berlin. From Japan, Korea and China to Bali - get to know the impressive splendour of the world's gardens up close and learn more about the diversity of Asian garden traditions under expert guidance.

In search of the roots - A fascinating journey of discovery through the three gardens dedicated to the three great monotheistic world religions. Against the backdrop of their common religious roots, we explore Jewish, Islamic and Christian garden architecture and provide space for dialogue on cultural parallels.

Climate protection in the Gärten der Welt - In this guided tour, we use specific examples to explain how the Gärten der Welt are tackling the tangible consequences of climate change. Find out more about the challenges and opportunities facing the gardens of the world and the importance of parks in coping with these consequences for urban areas.

An audience with the queen of flowers - a fragrant tour of the history and culture of the rose in various gardens. Depending on the weather, this tour only takes place when roses are in bloom from the beginning of June until August.

Sakura - A guided tour of the Japanese cherry blossom in the Gärten der Welt. Depending on the weather, this tour only takes place during the cherry blossom season from the end of March until April.

Duration and prices:

All tours can be chosen to last either 90 or 120 minutes.

Duration approx. 90 min - Price: 130,00 €

Duration approx. 120 min - Price: 150,00 €

The school class price for a guided tour of approx. 90 minutes is 80,00 €.

All group prices apply to groups of up to 25 participants.
Several groups can be guided at the same time.

Please also note that some formats are only possible at appropriate times of the year.
Also, due to weather conditions, not all theme gardens can be visited 12 months a year.

For booking enquiries and everything else:

Paaßens & Kniestedt Berlin kompakt GmbH
Email: fuehrungen(at)
Telephone: 030 695 080 10