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The Gärten der Welt in plain English


Welcome to the Gärten der Welt (Gardens of the World) website!

Here you can find information in plain English.


You’ll find explanations about what the Gärten der Welt are

and what you can do here.


At the bottom of the page you will find information about

- Opening times
- Entry prices
- Travelling to us
- Site-Map
- Barrier-free access
- Contact details


Discover your Gardens of the World

You can experience so much with us.

Visiting us is like travelling around the world.


In the Gärten der Welt there are 22 different garden installations.

They have all been designed by landscape architects from around the world.

The flowers and plants come from many different countries.

Even the construction material and the figures come from all over.

This makes the Gärten der Welt a very special place.


The Gärten der Welt also features a cable car.

The cable car allows you to float above the whole area.


You’ll also find playgrounds and many art installations.

Gärten der Welt offers a lot to discover.

Concerts and other events also take place often.


We are happy to help you plan your visit here.

You can, for example, take part in a guided tour.

Maybe you are also interested in an event?

Our visitor centre is available to answer all your questions.

You can also call us.

All contact information can be found at the bottom of the page.


We look forward to your visit.


When are the Gärten der Welt open?

The Gärten der Welt are open every day from 9 am.

The ticket office closes about an hour before it gets dark.

In summer, this is no later than 8 pm.


You can ride the cable car from 10 am to 6 pm.

The ticket office of the cable car closes at 5.30 pm.


The visitor centre is open from 10 am.


How much is the entrance fee?

Here you can find out all about our entrance fees.


Prices vary seasonally between summer and winter.

In winter, a few garden facilities remain closed.

And in winter fewer flowers are in bloom.

That's why we charge less for entry in winter.


Summer prices (beginning of March to the end of October):

€7, €3 reduced

With the cable car:

€9.90, €5.50 reduced

After-work ticket from 5 pm:



Winter prices (beginning of November to the end of February):

€4, €2 reduced

With the cable car:

€6.90, €4.50 reduced


Group tickets (from 15 persons):

€6 per person

With the cable car

€8.90 per person


You can also buy tickets online.

To do this, please click on this link:


Who is eligible for a discount?

Discounts are available to:

Schoolchildren with student ID card I

People with disabilities with GdB 50 (degree of disability)

People with a Berlin Pass


Who is eligible for free admission?

Free entry is available to:

Children under 5 years of age

Accompanying persons of people with disabilities with B-entry (the B means that an escort person is necessary)



How do I get into the Gärten der Welt?

There are many different ways to get to the Gärten der Welt.

Here you’ll find all you need to know about your options.



There are 4 entrances to the Gärten der Welt.

Only 2 entrances have ticket offices.

At the other 2 entrances there are only ticket vending machines.


Entrances with ticket offices:

Blumberger Damm 44 (main entrance with visitor centre)

Eisenacher Straße (North entrance)


Entrances with ticket machines:

Gottfried-Funeck-Weg (South entrance)

Hellersdorfer Straße (Kienbergpark entrance)



The ticket machine only accepts debit

or pay VISA card payments.

Payment with cash is unfortunately not possible here.


The Hellersdorfer Straße entrance (Kienbergpark) is also the cable car station.


By public transport:


Blumberger Damm (main entrance)

First take S-Bahn 7 to “Mehrower Allee”.

From there, take bus X69 in the direction of “Köpenick”.

Get off at station “Blumberger Damm / Gärten der Welt”.

The bus lines 154, 191 and 291 also go to the main entrance.

The station is called “Blumberger Damm / Elisabethstraße”.


Eisenacher Straße (North entrance)

First take S-Bahn 7 to “Marzahn”.

From there, take bus 195 in the direction of “S-Bhf Mahlsdorf”.

Get off at station “Eisenacher Straße / Gärten der Welt”.


Hellersdorfer Straße (Kienbergpark entrance)

Take bus 197 to station “Hellersdorfer Straße / Gärten der Welt”.

Take metro U5 in the direction of Hönow and get off at station “Kienberg - Gärten der Welt”.


By car:


First, join the A 10,

also known as the “Berliner Ring”.

Then take exit 3 “Berlin-Marzahn”.

Then take L 33 to Landsberger Allee / Blumberger Damm.

Follow the signs from here.


From the city centre, drive to Frankfurter Allee.

There, join the B 1 / B 5 to Alt Biesdorf / Blumberger Damm.

Follow the signs from here.



We also have a site map.

This shows you exactly where the 4 entrances are located.

The stops are also marked on the site map.

To view the site map, please follow this link:



Barrier-free access

The Gärten der Welt are barrier-free.

Barrier-free means

that you can move freely in a wheelchair

or with a children's pram.


For our disabled access, we have received the “Travel for all” award

as well as the “Berlin barrier-free” award.


The entrances at “Blumberger Damm” (main entrance)

and “Eisenacher Straße” (North entrance) are barrier-free.

They both offer easy access to the park,

for both wheelchairs and children’s prams.


In addition, the theme gardens and garden cabinets

can also be visited by wheelchair or with a children's pram.


The park contains several barrier-free toilets.


Rent a wheelchair

You can also rent a wheelchair for your visit.

Wheelchairs are available at the entrance

“Blumberger Damm” (main entrance)



We only have a limited number of wheelchairs.

That's why we ask you

to reserve your wheelchair a few days in advance.

All you have to do is call us.

The telephone numbers can be found at the bottom of this page.


Contact details

Please call us if you have questions.

We are happy to help you.


You can reach our visitor centre under

030 700 906 720.

We are available from 10 am to 6.30 pm.


You can also send us an email.

Our email address is: