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In Praise of Uniqueness!

The Thai garden bears witness to the endless creative power of nature. Its design is inspired by the geological processes underlying the formation of landscapes and islands in southern Thailand: Volcanism and continental shifts have created unique natural monuments, none of which resembles the other. This also applies to the various elements of the Thai garden. Here you can lose yourself in your senses amongst the ever different design details.



„The Garden of the Mind“

The Thai garden is a dynamic blend of tradition and the urban lifestyle of contemporary Thailand. The entrance to the garden is an abstract estuarine landscape in which water flows symbolically from the rivers into the sea. From there, a stream of water winds through flower beds and seems to disappear behind a wall of hedgerows. These hedges mark the beginning of the “Garden of the Mind”. Behind them, you'll find a surreal island landscape modelled on the volcanic islands of southern Thailand. The pond is surrounded on two sides by reflecting walls in which the horizon extends to infinity. In the reflection, you can also get a glimpse of yourself, suddenly standing in the middle of this landscape.


P Landscape (PLA)

For P Landscape (PLA), the landscape itself is a medium for connecting man and nature. With this in mind, PLA focuses on environmental and social sustainability in its projects, and also attaches importance to a meaningful combination of creative impulses and cultural aspects of a place.