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Cash register with staff/ Ticket Machine and Scanner

daily from 9 am.
The ticket sales close at 6 pm in October.

  • Main Entrance - Visitor Centre (Blumberger Damm)
  • Entrance Kienbergpark (Cable Car)
  • Entrance North (Eisenacher Straße)


Opening hours


Ticket Machine and Scanner

(only cashless payment)

  • Entrance South
  • Entrance Tälchenbrücke


Park planPark plan

Getting to us

It's best to get to the Gärten der Welt by public transport, as there are only a few car parks around the grounds. Our main entrance is located at Blumberger Damm 44, 12685 Berlin.

By public transport and cable car:
Take metro U5 in the direction of Hönow to metro station “Kienberg - Gärten der Welt”, then from ropeway station “Kienbergpark / Gärten der Welt” take the ropeway over Kienberg to station “Gärten der Welt - Blumberger Damm”. What an experience!

Other alternatives:

Take S7 to Mehrower Allee; then take bus X69 in the direction of Köpenick to stop “Blumberger Damm / Gärten der Welt”

Take S7 to S-Bahn station Marzahn; then take bus 195 in the direction of S-Bahn station Mahlsdorf to stop “Eisenacher Straße / Gärten der Welt”


By Car:
Join the A 10 (Berliner Ring), take exit Berlin-Marzahn (3), take L 33 to Landsberger Allee / Blumberger Damm and then follow the signs.

From the city centre, proceed in the direction of Frankfurter Allee (B1 / B5) to Alt Biesdorf / Blumberger Damm and then follow the signs.

There are four car parks at the Gärten der Welt and the Kienbergpark:

P West at Blumberger Damm 44 (Main entrance Gärten der Welt). Atttention, this car park may be temporarily closed for big events.
P Süd at Blumberger Damm 44 (Cable car station Gärten der Welt)
P1 and P2 are located at Eisenacher Straße 99 (North entrance Gärten der Welt)
P3 at Hellersdorfer Straße 159 (Kienbergpark; from here you can take the cable car to the Gärten der Welt or walk for about 15 min.)