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The Gärten der Welt - that's you too! There are several ways to contribute to shaping the Gärten der Welt. For example, you can become a bench or flower patron. This kind of donation-based sponsorship helps us keep the Gärten der Welt alive and to fill them with new life. Every donation counts, no matter how much your piggy bank gives!

The Gärten der Welt are recognised by the tax office as charitable organisation. For donations over €300 we will gladly issue a donation receipt, for amounts up to €300 the tax office just require a money transfer order.

Our donation account:

IBAN: DE54 1005 0000 0630 0258 19 (Berliner Sparkasse)

Freunde der Gärten der Welt e.V.

Apart from financial assistance, there is also the opportunity to actively get involved. In September 2009, the association Freunde der Gärten der Welt e.V. (Friends of the Gardens of the World) was founded, which has since enjoyed strong membership growth. Here, interested citizens, landscape architects, garden lovers and representatives of Grün Berlin come together to ensure the Gärten der Welt continues to enjoy a rosy future.

The aim of the association is to convey the historical, cultural, regional and religious backgrounds of the diverse garden art in the Gärten der Welt. This requires maintaining contact with the respective partner countries and partner cities, planning guided tours as well as hosting lectures and symposia. The Gärten der Welt see themselves as a meeting place for different cultures and ways of life. Regular exchanges between the various groups of people in the city and with international partners are one of the foundations of our program. We would be delighted if you would also like to contribute in the future!

Freunde der Gärten der Welt

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