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The Origin of Life

The garden cabinet by the Brazilian landscape architect Alex Hanazaki symbolises the harmonious interaction of fire, water, air and earth. Hanazaki believes that we should pay more attention to the four elements as a whole - after all, they are the foundation of human life. The vitality of the four elements is impressively reflected in the powerful linearity of the Brazilian garden cabinet.

The Garden of the Four Elements

The Brazilian garden cabinet is a scenic space in which you can symbolically observe the interaction between all four elements. Upon entering the garden, a geometrically designed pool of water is immediately visible, on the surface of which the light enchantingly breaks. From a certain angle, it seems that the pond is on fire. Red-brown plants at its edge emphasise this impression. The four stone walls projecting out of the pond create additional visual levels in the garden with their reddish brown stone and height.

The pond is reached via a bridge: it leads over the multi-level lawn, which is framed in corten steel. These lawns are also repeated in inverted form as a pedestal, from which you can admire the impressive precision of the garden in its entirety.


Park planPark plan

Alex Hanazaki landscape architects

Alex Hanazaki derives the forms, colours and textures for his designs from nature, and translates them into modern compositions. He transforms natural landscapes into elaborate sceneries, in which his own mixture of realism and emotions is inscribed. He is so succesful that in 2014 he was the first Brazilian landscape architect to receive an honorary prize from the American Society for Landscape Architects, the renowned ASLA Professional Award.