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Water Gardens at the „Promenade Aquatica“

It flows, bubbles, splashes and rushes

On the southern flank of the Gärten der Welt you’ll find the “Promenade Aquatica”, where you can observe all the various moving forms of water. Whether spring, pond, waterfall or fog - the Water Gardens created at the IGA Berlin 2017 present cool water in four different installations.

The Source of Life

Without water there's no life. This is particularly true of parks and gardens that would quickly turn into barren landscapes without regular water supply - a phenomenon that has been observed in Berlin’s many parks for several years now, as soon as the first heat wave of summer has hit. Reason enough to dedicate a separate area to the element of water. This was achieved in 2017 under the direction of the landscape architecture practice geskes.hack, which presented different ways of staging water in four artful installations

At the entrance to the garden you will find spring pots embedded in the ground, where water bubbles in changing rhythms. Behind it is a pond garden with impressive blooming lotus flowers. The wind draws patterns on the two geometric water surfaces, which are - depending on the day’s weather - sometimes clearer, sometimes less visible. In the middle of the garden, loungers invite you to turn your face to the sun and listen to the water as it flows. Located immediately behind, two impressive waterfalls provide a breathtaking soundscape. The end of the promenade is a mystical rock landscape of natural stone blocks, reminiscent of a gorge. Here densely planted rock walls and a dense spray cast a magic spell.


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