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The Wild Poetry of the Forest

The Chilean garden cabinet looks a bit different from its neighbours. Here, nature is allowed to contrast with the selectively positioned design elements, to overgrow on stone slabs and to challenge wayside boundaries. The path structure of the garden is modelled after the earlier irrigation system of Chilean agriculture. In Chile, the farmers dug ditches between their fields in order to reliably supply them with water.

„Being under the trees“

The garden's two primary design elements, the travertine marble and the Andean southern beech, symbolise the diversity of the Chilean landscape: The marble is mined in the north, while the bark is native to the south of the country. In their wild interaction they are a tribute to the natural beauty of Chile.

The southern beeches were planted in clear lines in 2017, but have since grown uninhibited around anything that gets in their way. Here and there, the wild landscape is broken by randomly placed benches of raw marble fragments on which you cansit and relax. Enjoy the moment!

Park planPark plan

Teresa Moller

Teresa Moller is a native of Chile. Her intense impressions of the Chilean landscape form the basis of her creative work, which always combines clarity and natural energy in her poetic form. She received particular attention with the Punta Pite, a twenty-kilometre hiking trail on the coast of Chile, and the associated Parque de la Punta, which is the starting or ending point of the hike.