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Calm and Timeless Beauty

Poetry is what Lebanese landscape architect Vladimir Djuravic prefers to work with. For the IGA Berlin 2017, he designed a garden which brought together the traditional elements of a Lebanese garden to form a harmonic, contemporary composition. A hedge corridor takes you to the sunken centre of the garden, featuring a modern pond. Shielded from its surroundings, this place invites the visitor to linger.

Park planPark plan

The Sunken Garden

Founded in 1995 in Broumana, Lebanon, Vladimir Djurovic's landscape architecture practice is a small business that selects projects with care. The team works at the forefront of design, architecture and garden art. The landscapes created by Vladimir Djurovic and his team are meant to be timeless, and aim to emphasize the uniqueness of the location and its nature. Nothing less than that was achieved in the Lebanese garden cabinet, which was quickly awarded one of the most highly endowed prizes in the architecture industry: the Aga Khan Award for Architecture.