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Attention: Garden Cabinet Australia closed!

Due to damage to the Garden Cabinet Australia, it must remain closed until further notice for the protection of our visitors.

We thank you for your understanding and will inform you as soon as the Garden Cabinet can be entered again.

The Creative Power of Fire

Have you ever heard of “fire stick farming”? “Fire stick farming” refers to the controlled burning of land to increase the fertility of the soil. The "fire stick farming" is a millennia-old cultural technique of the Australian Aborigines. It enabled them to grow edible soil crops and cultivate grasses that served as food for the wildlife they hunted. In the Australian garden cabinet, you can see for yourself that this landscape is much more than simply scorched earth.

Park planPark plan

Traditions Designed in the Now

Since 1989, Taylor Cullity Lethlean (T.C.L) from Melbourne has been dedicated to the creation of poetic landscape productions. They placed the indigenous cultural technique of "fire stick farming" at the centre of their design for the Australian garden cabinet, creating a mosaic of areas of varying degrees of regeneration. Above all, grasses and low soil plants thrive here on the red soil. In between, black posts tower into the sky above Berlin-Marzahn.

Nothing but Scorched Earth. Or is it?

At the opening of IGA Berlin 2017, the Australian garden cabinet made its appearance after being newly burned: charred posts on black soil, on which burnt bushes stretched into the sky. This unfamiliar sight most likely confused some visitors, who, surprised, turned back at the entrance of the garden.