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Guided Tours

For experts - or for all who want to become one

Whether “Around the World in 90 Minutes” or finally “Understanding the Harmony of the Seven Things”, our six differently themed tours lead you into other worlds and give you a glimpse of behind the scenes.

In addition, we offer general guided tours with our experts through the Gärten der Welt.

All dates and more information about booking and prices can be found in our event calendar.

Are you looking for an individual group tour? Whether it’s for a business trip, company party or school excursion, we’re sure we have the right offer for you.

We also offer our guides in many languages.

Just get in touch.

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Contact details:

Runze & Casper GmbH, Berlin
Info and booking hotline:
Tel. (030) 280 18-162,
Fax (030) 280 18-530
Email: fuehrungen(at)