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About IGA Berlin 2017

A Unique Garden Exhibition

The International Garden Exhibition Berlin 2017 (IGA) promised “MORE colors” and offered an unforgettable festival of international garden art, culture, and joy of life on 186 eventful days.

Yet the conditions for Berlin's first IGA were not at all rosy: spring and summer in 2017 were characterized by freak weather that lasted weeks. Nevertheless, from the opening on April 13th to the final day on October 15th, more than 1.6 million guests came to the IGA grounds to marvel at the international garden galleries, discover art in the park, or experience concerts in the modern open-air arena.

8,000 events, 33,000 IGA season tickets, and 98 percent satisfaction

250,000 children alone ran riot in the play landscapes inspired by Erich Kästner’s children’s novel “Der 35. Mai” or sought their way to the observation tower in the center in the hedge labyrinth. The IGA season ticket was sold 33,000 times and thus many guests visited the IGA several times during the change of seasons.

The fact that IGA Berlin 2017 was not so lucky with the weather obviously didn’t bother the visitors at all. 98 percent of those surveyed were very satisfied or satisfied with their stay. With around 8,000 events, 28 changing flower hall shows, and a sea of blossoms on approx. 10,000 square meters of alternating blooms, the guests spent an average of 5.5 eventful hours per visit to IGA Berlin 2017, turning the Berlin district of Marzahn-Hellersdorf into a tourist hotspot for six months.

A sustainable IGA in harmony with nature and environmental protection

IGA Berlin 2017 set new standards for sustainability. Expert offices accompanied the construction process with a construction site logistics concept based on environmental and nature conservation aspects. The greenhouse with the Balinese garden was converted into an energy-efficient tropical hall. When constructing new buildings, the issue of sustainability was always at the forefront. For example, there is a green roof on the visitor center. Work tools, machines, and vehicles are battery powered. The environmental education center continues to be the ideal place to learn about sustainable development.

Park planPark plan

Many highlights from IGA Berlin 2017 still exist

After the grand finale of the International Garden Exhibition, the Gardens of the World and the neighboring Kienbergpark were reopened. Only a few temporary facilities from IGA Berlin 2017 were dismantled. For example, the cable car, literally one of the highlights of the IGA, is still in operation and can be used for transfer from Kienberg above the Wolkenhain to the main entrance of the Gardens of the World. Likewise, numerous garden galleries have been integrated into the new Gardens of the World – and last but not least, the arena has been retained as an impressive event location.

But there’s more than just the many fascinating impressions of IGA Berlin 2017. The IGA lives on in the Gardens of the World, which are now more than twice as large and much more varied. In the Kienbergpark, which is accessible free of charge, the Wolkenhain has become a new landmark to visit. “MORE colors” have brought MORE quality of life for Berliners and guests of the city.